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As usual, breakfast is here at my desk and as usual, it starts with bacon, eggs and cheese.  Some people call me "inflexible" - I beg to differ!  Bacon, eggs and cheese can be in any form:  a yummy sandwich, the egg can be fried and dipped into with cinnamon toast, scrambled is always a possibility. Today happens to be a bacon cheese omelet. Flying by the seat of my pants today, baby!

So we settle into our norms-  daily routines, habits, patterns of behaviour, conditioned responses. How often do we change things up? Step outside ourselves? Push our own boundaries?   For me, that is a challenge and usually lessoned learned after the fact. I am a shoulda woulda coulda kind of gal and usually only think of good shoulda woulda coulda's while eating bacon cheese omelets sitting at my desk at 7 am.

I've always been rather regimented and don't like surprises or changes to the normal proceedural part of my plan on any given day. So at Saturday's Tappahannock Farmers Market, I quickly set up and displayed my work. Remember: I have a routine. Then customers arrive and I chat and smile and help them with their purchases. I thank them and they leave. Nice easy routine.

Then there is the break, the change, the outside the norm:  Photographers and cameras. More and more often, people will come into my booth, camera in hand and without asking, start taking pictures of my work. This generally will happen while I'm talking with a customer and I"ve been completely caught off guard. Its very disruptive to say to the person you're talking with, "Excuse me for a moment" and have to turn my attention to the photographer.  First of all, it is extremely rude to photograph someone's work without permission, and worse yet, are those that say they are from 'such and such' newspaper or magazine - but only tell you that AFTER interrupting your sale. If you are a professional, then please act professionally, introduce yourself and offer me your card. I will give you my undivided attention as soon as I can.  If you are attempting to "candidly review" me, that's great! Thank you for your interest, but please don't become offended when I ask you to stop taking pictures. I have no idea who you are and most who are taking pictures are 1. too cheap to buy anything and want to reproduce it on their computer or 2. other "artists" who think:  I can do that myself.

Ahhh, the camera. The microphone.  Yes... I love that...  the interview.  Those that know me well know that I am painfully shy and uncomfortable meeting new people and doing shows is REALLY WAY OUT THERE on my "outside my norm" scale.  This has been quite a challenge for me to overcome the fear of meeting people and show my artwork, but I am having fun with it - even though sometimes it shows that I'm "faking it" with the confidence part.

We have the local radio station who covers the TFM and one of the DJ's asked me this week if I'd be willing to be interviewed. Aside from the free publicity and the fact that I love the TFM, I still choked. Yep, my insides were shaky goo as John asked me simple questions and my brain decided to nap.  Thankfully, he was an angel and prepped the listeners with, "She's very shy about this"  Thanks John!

Another fellow who works with the TFM came into my booth with video camera in hand and basically said, "Talk".  Break in norm. Outside my comfort zone. More goo shaking and brain nap. He couldn't have made things any worse for me when he said about the video, "You never know where this will show up"

So now that I've finished my omelet and had time to re-read this, I think I need to practice being interviewed and dealing with photographers.  Two things I really am uncomfortable with and so outside my norm.

Perhaps tomorrow as practice, I'll have pancakes.

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written by TrollBridgeStudio, October 15, 2010
Mmmmm ~ bacon, eggs and cheese!!!! Doesn't get any better than that!

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