Riding The Waves

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This blog entry is about riding the waves in a metaphorical sense, I don't imagine I'll fit into a rubber suit, grab a board and hit the surf any time soon Laughing.

My art journey seems to be moving on at quite a pace is what I really mean.  Visualising me in a rubber suit is not for the feint hearted Wink.

The art exhibition '4 Artsake' is moving ever closer and I'm concentrating on creating pieces to show at The Qube in Oswestry from the 13th May to the 11th June 2011.  I'm very lucky to be working alongside fellow artisans who are also my good friends and they are sharing this incredible ride with me.  As a four, we've already been approached by another art gallery wishing to display our work and that is way before we've even hung our first piece on the wall!

As an individual artist, I've been approached by several local businesses about selling my artwork through their shops which is incredible to me.

I've also just been contacted by an art gallery which is situated in the hub of the creative district of New York!  Well, my wish is to be a well known artist in Shropshire and Powys, I never imagined going global?  This is exciting, scary, challenging and not what I could ever have imagined happening.

So you see, this journey is continually changing and developing.  I'm the kind of person who will go with the flow, ride those metaphorical waves and see where it takes me.

What I will always do is smile, try to make people laugh, continue being self-deprecating (it's in my nature) and I will always feel grateful.

After all ..... "Nothing happens unless first we dream"


Jude xxx
Art By Jude

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