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About 1 year ago, on July 21st, my 54th birthday, my husband, Dane, and I were once again talking about what truly special thing we could create to start our own business. I told him the story of how my parents had made a coconut cradle for me when I was a little girl and put a small baby doll inside. It became one of my most cherished toys. Dane said:" We should try and make coconut cradles but you have to make your own dolls and they should be Hawaiian Menehunes." I told him that making dolls was very difficult and that I had never made a doll before. But after this conversation I had to try. I started making my first Menehune dolls and it became the most gratifying, inspiring thing I have ever done.

My main objective with Magical Hawaiian Menehunes is to bring joy and inspiration to people. For me, it is the most thrilling experience to look at a finished doll and see that it has come alive. It actually has a soul and a story to tell. 
Here is part of Honu Boy's story: 

Honu Boy is a Menehune Keiki Kane (Boy). Honu Boy was just starting to eat his Mai’a (Banana) when he fell asleep. He is dreaming about the Honu (Turtle) who is his Aumakua (guardian spirit) Honu Boy is deeply connected with the ancient wisdom of the Turtle. The Hawaiian Honu represents long life, safety, peace, and good luck.

Enter Honu Boy’s dream world. Allow the Honu’s wisdom to embrace you and guide you on your quest....


Magical Hawaiian Menehunes are little messengers of Hawaiian spirituality. They all convey a personal, inspirational message following concepts of Hawaiian spirituality and culture. The individual stories are a very important part of the Menehunes. Magical Hawaiian Menehunes are meant to be Guardian Angels and Good Luck Charms.
Here is part of Pueo's story:

Pueo is named after his Aumakua (Guardian Spirit), the Hawaiian Owl. The Pueo has always been sacred to the Hawaiians and is considered “the Bringer of Good Luck”. Pueo is so closely connected to his Aumakua that Ulula (Baby Owl) chose him as a close friend. Ulula appears whenever Pueo calls on her but she also often comes on her own at important times of change when she knows that her advise is needed. Ulula always lands on Pueo’s right arm. Pueo greets her with love and respect.....


Hawaiian Dolls with a Soul

Posted by: sabinehen


Following an inspiration, I started creating miniature dolls. Something which I would have never thought I had the patience to do has become my most cherished occupation. For me, it is the most thrilling experience to look at a finished doll and see that it has come alive. It actually has a soul and a story to tell.

I write each babies inspirational story using many Hawaiian words as well as following concepts of Hawaiian spirituality and culture. The story is a very important part of the doll because it reflects their personality and conveys guidance, protection, and inspiration.

I commit a lot of creativity, detailing, and love to each individual doll. Sometimes it takes a long time to finish a Menehune and his or her cradle because I don’t stop working on the baby until it has a spirit and a soul. I put a great deal of my Mana (spiritual energy) into each individual Menehune until it becomes a part of me and I fall in love with him or her. As a result, I get very attached to each doll and it is always difficult for me to let go of him or her. I put so much time and energy into each doll. It makes the Menehunes priceless.

My main objective with Magical Hawaiian Menehunes is to bring joy and inspiration to people.

Here is part of Ipu’s, the little Menehune drummer girl’s, story:

Ipu is a Menehune Kaikamahine (Girl). She honors the presence of life by chanting and dancing to the sacred rhythm of her Ipu (gourd/drum) which she is named after. Ipu is a Menehune Kamali’i Wahine (princess). The green feather leis around her head, wrists, and ankles are made for the Ali’i (royalty) and believed to link to the divine.

Ipu’s Hawaiian Kukui Nut lei represents Light, hope, and renewal. Her beautiful, long, black hair is adorned with a white Plumeria flower.

Ipu invites you to celebrate all that is sacred with her. Let all your cares fall away, discover that which brings you joy, and soar with Ipu above all limitations.

In the evenings her brother Kahiki accompanies Ipu in her chants with his Ukulele. All the Menehunes love to listen to them. Together they sing about their Aloha Aina (love of the land). Their baby sister Ho’oli claps her hands with delight to the rhythm of the music….







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