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How we love our gimp :)

Posted by: gringrimaceandsqueak

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Excuse our self indulgence here a minute, but we love this shot, the shadows captured in the beads remind us of amber. It's well lit, an interesting composition and looks good online. Of course, it didn't start like this...

 Before we started our Etsy shop, we relied on printed material for promotion- a catalogue, business cards and postcards for shops to put out. We were looking for glamour, drama and took pictures on a black velvet background which looked beautiful on matt paper. These were the first pictures we uploaded.

The trouble was, because your computer screen glows, amongs everyone elses lovely gleaming images, ours looked dull by comparison.  Chatting to other online sellers, everyone recommended using a white background instead to show up the product better- particularly important on Etsy where it has to be said, they often look a little darker anyway. A new tactic had to be employed.

 Because we were working with what was to hand, our early attempts using a garage light and a tea tray indoors came out very yellow and although we could adjust the colours using GIMP, you can still only do so much- take the yellow out of the background and the reds went flat too.

 So, it was time to Get Organised :)

A couple of days of  solid making gave us a pile of small items, enough to do listings for a week. The minute the sun came out we charged outside and set up a paper background against the garage door, which is painted white also and bounced lots of light about.

We took several shots of each item from different angles so we could get close-ups from different angles to the main product shots, keeping things interesting.  A little tweaking of the contrast to give them a bit extra welly and there you have it! With one piece of paper and thinking ahead, we had transformed our images.

 Next step was re-doing all our existing product shots which we will be relisting on Etsy to bring the whole shop up to the same standard. We're sure there is lots still to learn but it just shows how much time and effort can be saved simply by changing something. We've cut the editing time down to a fraction and now have batches of products ready to list. This leaves us free to design new products and promote our work.

 Of course most of you reading this will be going 'well, yeeeees' because you figured this out ages ago but just in case there are others like us out there, we hope you have found this helpful. Otherwise, just enjoy giggling at our expense :)

For those looking for an idiot-proof photo editing package, may we recommend using gimp- its free and it works!

Karen and Rich.




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