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This is an almost news report :)

In the last couple of weeks, two rather interesting things have happened. No sooner had I started drawing again than a call came out for artists wanted by a new business making kitchen boards etc. I sent some bits off and am now negotiating a  licensing deal for a new range. I found out about this because I am signed up to another community site who, like Total Art Soul, share info and advice.

Incidentally, they are still looking for more artists, I'm trying to find out exactly what they're after so I can post it here.
This has rather put a crimp on my blogging about drawing as I cant share anything they will be using until the project goes live so you'll have to put up with waffle instead :)

A couple of points in licensing images for those thinking about it- basically you give a publisher the use of certain images for a set period of time, for a specific use. When that runs out, the rights revert to you. The going rate is 8% of the wholesale price for things like greeting cards, which is 4% of the retail price.

Our other bit of news is that we've just been approached by a new shop looking for alternative bridal wear. We turned down the last gallery that approached us as their terms were just not workable but this one has a fantastic approach, looking to work with suppliers. They are flexible, very frank about what they can and can't do and gave us a company history and list of other suppliers they are dealing with to show what they are looking for.
It looks like we will be designing a range exclusively for them to allow for their mark-up, so we are now grateful we made the decision not to go with the last offer, tempting as it was, as we can only take on so much work at once.

We brought this up as we've spoken to a  lot of people lately who have been umm-ing and aah-ing about a deal, all we can say is not to rush into things, if its not sustainable. Be patient and as long as you make an effort to be visible, maintain your presence online and keep an eye on what's happening around you, it will come.

It also show the importance of sites like this one where we can share information, opportunities, resources and best of all the support of friends. So pleased to be here,

Karen and Rich




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