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It's very easy now we have the virtual world on our doorstep with sites like this to miss opportunities on our physical doorstep.


We are just writing a press release for  a local magazine featuring our sea glass jewellery, which we are hoping they'll print since it saves them having to write things:)  We are approaching it from the local angle-  living in Cornwall and using sea glass collected by us on Cornish beaches so the content  is appropriate.

   It also makes us more relevant to our potential customers- a bride is most likely to buy her gown from somewhere local where she can try it on, and so it follows that there is a comfort to be had buying the accessories from somewhere local and accessible, even if its done via the net.

   Said magazine also goes out to ex-pats worldwide, putting us in touch with potential customers across the globe via a local connection.  It's been very interesting to see how important it is for us to make these connections, little communities like this one for example where we gather together and share common experiences.

  Even online, your physical location matters, we are members of the Etsy UK team and UK Handmade, advertising our presence both to 'local' shoppers who may not want to buy from another country and to those shoppers elsewhere who have a thing for us brits :)

   So take a look at local publications, organisations to see what they can do for you. The possibilities may be further reaching than you expect.


Karen and Rich

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written by mooaany, August 29, 2010
You guys are so right, thanks for a great informational blog!

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