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Finally a beautiful spring day in the south, I can't wait to get to the torch today, just waiting for it to warm up a bit.  I've been kind of out of sorts lately, most likely spring fever but who knows.  I get down to the torch and don't know what to do so I just melt glass and when I do that I usually end up with just a lot of mess.   The good news is that I now have a resource for the messes, I have a friend who does mosaics and she uses the "ugly" beads in her mosaics.  God love her, she thinks they are wonderful...LOL

I go to the Lampwork Etc. forum each day and check out the gallery for inspiration, a few days ago someone had posted a thread on tube beads.  Everyone was posting photos of their tube beads, long lean beautiful cleanly done beads.  I had not, up to that point, tried tube beads.  So, I decided to challenge myself to make four tube beads.  Here is one of the tube beads I made.  I was really pleased with what I made.  I tried to stay simple at first with pure color and just a bit of highly silvered glass wrapped around the center, it has been reduced to show the wonderful metallic sheen that is silvered glass.  

 These two beads have sent me in a new direction, to discover what glass colors I can work with that won't "fume" from the silvered glass when it's reduced.  Fuming can totally change the color of the base bead and not for the good usually.  Sometimes there is a happy accident, I'll show you one of those tomorrow, but I digress...this new direction has forced me to use some of those "designer" glasses that I have been saving for "special".  You know, that day that never comes, the day when you decide to finally use the expensive stuff and actually decide you either love it or hate it.  At this point I hope I hate it, some of it is so expensive.  

 So, today at the torch I'm going to try five new colors that I haven't ever used before, and of course try them with silver glass to see if they discolor.  That was the real purpose, right?  LOL  See how easy it is for me to take a different road.  I'm so lost now I don't remember how I got here.  

Enjoy your day and remember to stop along the journey and enjoy where you are and how you got there.

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