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Have you ever contemplated the source of your inspiration?  Is it a thought, an event, family or are you unsure of the source of your inner muse?

Recently, I have been contemplating the source of my ideas.  My creative attention span is limited, so it is not unusual for me to switch concepts regularly.  I tend, oh who am I kidding, I create pieces in series until I move on to the next idea.  Given my experimentation, it seemed appropriate to better understand where my inspiration came from then maybe I could seek it out!

For years, I went with whatever experiment struck me that day and didn't give it a lot of thought.  Oh, sure I could be swayed by a challenge or interesting technique I had just learned, but largely the source of my inspiration went unexamined. 
I have discovered that, for me, it comes from a variety of events that happen around me.  Unfornately or fortunately, depending on your point of view, lots of things tend to "happen" to me much to the amusement of those who know me well.  But I digress ...

I've recently been discussing a restaurant concept with a friend, an extreme restaurant concept.  I won't go into details here in case the idea turns from discussion amongst friends into business reality, but I'm sure you'll get a pretty good idea from the image featured on this post.  These Steins on Fire, as I call them ... I tend to title everything, would be perfect for our extreme restaurant concept.

Now, I know what you're thinking this isn't much of an event Jillian.  True, but you need to understand, first and foremost, that it was never my intent to open a restaurant or if I did it would serve only breakfast.  Yet somehow, and I don't really know how, I am involved in discussions for an extreme restaurant concept ... don't worry brunch is planned for Sundays!

If only all ideas were so easily gathered and turned into fruition as a restaurant discussion morphs into some wild steins.

The current inspiration I'm contemplating comes from two recent incidents that ocurred to me while driving.  Twice in the same week I've found myself driving behind another car that had its turn signal on to go left, but instead they turned right.  It made me think of Bon Jovi who released an album not too, too long ago called This Left Turn Feels Right.

So, these thoughts are swirling around in my head, one day soon they will pop out into art.  I'll have to let you know what that experiment brings!

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written by PayneArtandParisDreams, July 27, 2011
Very good! I very much enjoyed reading this. Looking forward to finding out more of what is in your head.

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