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The Etsy Guide - Step-by-Step Instructions to Results
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The Etsy Guide - Step-by-Step Instructions to Results

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In this Guide, we will take you step-by-step through all of Etsy’s functions, how you should be setting up your shop and what to do in case of a problem. Every business has a formula and Etsy is just the same. If you follow it, you’ll have success.

This Guide is directed at people just starting out on Etsy as well as being aimed at Sellers who have not achieved many sales yet or those who want to generally improve their Etsy shop.

This Guide now includes the information from our other 2 Guides 'List of 100 FREE places to Promote your Etsy Shop' and 'Tagging Explained'.

The Guide includes the following:-

- 100 FREE places to Promote your Etsy Shop (also sold as a separate Guide ($3)
- Tagging Explained (also sold as a separate Guide $4)
- Setting Up Shop
- Tips on Branding
- Shop Policies
- Tips on How to Write an Engaging Profile
- Tips on Item Descriptions
- Tips on Tagging your Products
- Product Photography Tips
- Tips on Shop Sections
- Customer Service
- Packaging and Shipping
- Business Card Advice
- Discount Vouchers or Fidelity Cards
- How to Use the Feedback System
- What to do About Non-Paying Customers
- How to Cancel a Sale
- Raising an Invoice with Paypal
- How to Do a Treasury
- How to Be Visible on and off Etsy
- Main Strategies for Success
- Mistakes to Avoid

The Guide is 36 pages long with few images. It contains 10061 words. You will receive this Guide in PDF format via your email usually within 24 hours of receiving payment. This is not a physical product.

Our Guides are copyrighted and cannot be reproduced in part or in its entirety.

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