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The Art of Product Photography Guide
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The Art of Product Photography Guide

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Who is this Guide for:
- jewelry makers/sellers
- anyone else selling products online

In this Guide we will take you through all the steps you should be taking to achieve really professional looking shots of your products. Many of the tips included here are those used by professional product photographers. My father was a photographer so I learned many techniques from him.

We also include tips from 3 contributors who are online Sellers with superb product photographs as well as some tips from a professional photographer.

We have also included an entire section on photographing jewelry because it takes a little more effort to photograph such small items and often shiny articles. We will show you how you can present them using techniques large jewelry companies use.

This Guide has some technical terminology but only in relation to understanding how to use your camera. There is a glossary and everything is explained in simple terms. This Guide is written for people who struggle to achieve good product photography.

There are 22 pages with photographic illustrations and more than 3500 words.

This Guide comes in PDF format and will be sent to you via your email usually within 24 hours of receipt of payment.

This Guide is written by the creators of Total Art Soul, a free artists and crafters site. All creative souls are welcome

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