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Online Shop Critique - Detailed Evaluation
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Online Shop Critique - Detailed Evaluation

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My detailed personalized Shop Critique will take you to the next level. I will not only tell you which areas could be improved upon but will also tell you how. I am a detective of online stores and will examine every nook and cranny of your shop.

I am the creator of, a community site where artists can showcase their art for free and also, a juried site where Etsy Sellers can submit their listings and get more exposure for free. I also run the EtsyLush Team on Etsy currently standing at over 11200 members. We have the know-how and experience to pass on to you and help you improve your online shop.

You will receive a detailed report, usually around 12 or 15 pages long, which can be used as reference as you develop your store. It will contain information personal to your shop/items and also some general information where necessary to help your business and methods of how to achieve more sales.

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I will look into every nook and cranny of your Etsy shop. You will receive a report that will deal with the following:

- First Impressions
- Shop Name
- Avatar/Banner
- Profile/About
- Shop Title/Announcement
- Overall Branding
- Sections
- Shop Policies
- Pricing
- Shipping Costs
- Syndication with Google Marketplace
- Photography
- Item Descriptions
- Tags
- Titles
- General Overview
- Stats - average views, views to sales conversion rates etc.

I will give you constructive advice on how you can improve your shop. Where necessary, we will link you to other Etsy Sellers by way of example.

I will compare your shop to that of your successful competitors and will give any advice in this regard if appropriate.

If there are issues with your imagery, I will tell you in general terms how you may be able to fix this using a photo editing program. All photo editing programs are different so I cannot give you step-by-step instructions but you will have a good idea of what is necessary.

I will send you a report in PDF format via email within 10 working days of receipt of payment. I work on critiques Monday to Friday.

Our Guides are copyrighted and may not be copied in their entirety or in part or passed on to anyone else.


What some of my Clients say about this Guide:

¤ Cathy Savels had an extremely keen eye for the details within my shop. She gave valuable feedback on every aspect and valuable advice on direction to move in as well as the corrections needed for improvement. Her closing comment made me laugh... "Please don't be disheartened by this report. I have been super critical since you've paid me for a shop critique."! Quite the opposite is true. Cathy gave me a road map as a guide to improving my shop and the results that i want and I am VERY motivated to begin following her advice. If i had wanted someone to "rubber stamp" my approach, i wouldn't have sought out a professional critique. Thank you Cathy!

¤ Super Amazing advice! Thank you so much for helping see things in a different light and giving me so many helpful hints. ^_^

¤ This guide is soooo helpful! I has very specific suggestiions taylored to my shop, unlike the generic guides elsewhere on Etsy. Everything is explained clearly and simply. I plan to make these changes right away.

¤ Some of the best advice I've ever received. Very insightful! It's amazing how much you miss until someone else takes a look. A total gem.

¤ Very constructive and kindly written. Has definitely helped me to form a plan for taking things forward. Highly recommended.

¤ Wow! What a terrific critique - incisive, thorough and to the point! An expert review well worth the money. Highly recommended!

¤ Very insightful, looking into implementing suggestions from the evaluation. It's nice to have an independent review:) Thanks so much!

¤ I loved this book very much great honest point of view, thank you

¤ Fabulous helpful tips from this Web developer!

¤ This report is very interesting and helpful, thanks a lot for these constructive criticisms.

¤ Very valuable advice and at a reasonable price. I have overhauled my shop and it was nice to have a great guide!


For this critique to be effective, all recommendations must be followed and implemented exactly as suggested. If not all recommendations are implemented you may not see any significant improvements.


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